Oilfield Downhole Tools made to order at Flannery Machine & Tool

Flannery Machine & Tool is dedicated to providing machining services to designers and manufacturers of Downhole Drilling Motors. Our machined parts are used for the Directional, Horizontal and Vertical drilling markets throughout the Gulf Coast, Permian Basin, Mid Continent, Rocky Mountains and Appalachian regions.

FMT uses state of the art CNC machines along with conventional machines to manufacture new tooling as well as re machine and repair existing oilfield tools. Our staff will also help with engineering and reverse engineering to improve existing downhole tools. We also provide welding services common to the maintenance of oilfield tooling.

Repairs include Rotary Shoulder Connections and modified acme threads for Stators, Top Sub Pins and Stator Adapter Pins.

All types and sizes of new Downhole tools including: Bearing Mandrels, Bent Housings, Flow Diverters, Rotor Catch Stems, Bearing Housings, End Caps. Drive Shafts, Top Subs, Bearing Adapters, Balance Pistons and Rotor Catch Nuts.

Contact our sales department for a quote on new tooling or a price list for repair work at darryl@flannerymachine.com  . You can also contact our headquarters in Mancelona, Michigan at 231-590-0792 (Darryl Antcliff) or the Casper, Wyoming facility at 307-472-1009 (Tim Crowe). 

Straight Housings, Adjustable Housings and Fixed Bent Housings.

Bearing Mandrels

End Caps

(Below) Spline Shafts

Repair and re machining of existing Oilfield Tools

Chase - Face and push back rubber on stators